Style Files from 2017

This year has been off to a grrrreat start so far.  We had an amazing trip to Italy and Spain for Christmas and New Year’s and I’m feeling very excited about the possibilities that 2018 holds for me, my family, and my business.


I’ve been pondering my 2018 goals and before I can really set anything into motion, I need to reflect on the past year.  Maybe it’s the introvert in me, or my nostalgic side, but I love reflecting.  It’s hard for me to look forward if I haven’t really processed the past.


In my process of reflection I dug up all of the projects, big and small, that  I worked on in 2017.  The fun part of this for me was that I kinda forgot about a lot of it! I want to share with you some of my favorite concept boards from 2017.  Design is such an amazing and intimate process: I get invited into the sacred spaces of people’s lives and help them define who they are and what they want for their life through design.

Here are my favorite design concepts from my 2017 projects. 

The first concept is what I called Edgy Victorian.  I think in the design world it’s actually called “Modern Victorian”, but who’s keeping track?  This room was for a family living at the base of Forest Park in NW Portland in an awesome 1860s Victorian.  Emily Henderson recently published a post about this style, so if this tickles your fancy, check it out!

The second concept I titled, Rustic and Whimsical.  While it does have touches of industrial in there, we really wanted to create a concept that gave space for the eclectic mix of the homeowner.  I incorporate a lot of the “rustic” into my design styles.  I think there is a very natural, calming and organic element to the “rustic”.  I think it represent where we live so well and the history of our state.  I was inspired by Jenny Komenda’s new office kitchenette for this concept.  With a neutral shell you can go more whimsical with your accents or tone it down in the future for a more stream-lined look.

Every time that I see this concept, it really makes me want to re-do my dining room, again, for the third time!  We titled this concept Industrial Chic.  The homeowner was really inspired by Joanna Gaines, (like half of the population of the world is these days!).  In our conversations, I noticed that the elements of Joanna’s style she kept going back to were the industrial elements and not so much the full-on farmhouse look. This fixer upper project is a good example of the style my client was attracted to. We pulled together this concept that felt serious and playful, reflecting my client’s personality.  It is a place to entertain and a place to get work done on a laptop while working from home.

While I don’t have children of my own yet, I must say, I sure do love designing for them!  This may just be one of my favorite concepts from 2017.  I think that the really fun part about designing for kids, is that parents unleash a bit of their own creativity with these projects and allow themselves to take more risk.  I also think that it’s easier to make decisions for someone else than it is for ourselves.  Which is why I really want to hire a designer for my own home, because I can’t make a decision or finish a project!

Ok, I lied.  I think this is my favorite concept of 2017.  I think of all of the spaces I’ve presented, this is the one that I would want to settle into.  Especially after returning from Europe.  I feel so inspired to create an eclectic Euro look for someone.  If you need more Parisian home inspo, check-out My Domaine’s tips on styling your home like the French.  Want to move to Paris now? Or eat macaroons all day? I sure do…

And last, but not least, here is the one commercial project that I worked on in 2017.  In my previous life, I worked at Hacienda CDC on the Portland Mercado project.  Recently, I have been helping them re-envision one of the commercial units inside the market hall. I can’t wait to see what they do with the space! I would definitely eat some tacos in that room.


Which space is calling out to you the most?

If you’re having difficulty finding the right direction for your home, give me call! Let’s make your home dreams come true!