Styling Casa Crevallero. . .

I never really understood it when people would say they were nervous about proposing to their longtime partner.   I guess I just assume that you would’ve  already discussed marriage and would know that he/she would say yes.  So why the nerves? I assume that it really wouldn’t be a surprise–and if it is, then why take the risk?!

I feel like I can understand that sentiment now.  Not because I have proposed to someone, but because we kinda sold our home (fingers crossed) and the process leading up to finding a buyer was very nerve-racking.

Everyone kept telling us that the house would sell in a heart beat, that we would get a lot of offers and that most of the offers would be over asking.  If you are reading this and live outside of Portland, Oregon, you are probably like, “WTF?! When does that ever happen?” But for Portland, that is kinda the M.O. If the asking price for your house is between 300k and 400k you will get overwhelmed with interested buyers.  Even though I knew this logically, I was so nervous that it wouldn’t sell.  I was so nervous that people would walk right out the door once they saw the Jack and Jill bathroom or the way our garden shed slightly leans to the left. Surely no one would say “yes” to our proposal.

Because of these nerves, I went bonkers on the staging.  Well, I also went bonkers because I LOVE styling rooms.  Any excuse to go OCD all over the place is perfect for me.  A key to having fun with styling is incorporating new items that shake up the old decor that you may be getting tired of.


You want to know my dirty little secret for doing this on a budget? It’s very dirty and maybe unethical.  Go on a shopping spree at your favorite big box store and buy all of the little fun things that will make your rooms pop.  When all is said and done, just return the items.  Is this unethical? Perhaps.  Maybe I will write more about that process later.  But for now, here are some photos of our place all nice a styled.

I was very strategic about making every room have it’s own feel.  I didn’t want it to feel neutral or cookie cutter, I wanted the right person to feel at home immediately.

For the living room, I really wanted it to feel like a cozy NW bungalow.  I played up the cozy by adding a lot of layers of textures with the faux furs and of course the textiles. 🙂

568 N Buffalo St - Portland - 07

Our home is tiny.  It’s a 2 bedroom, 1 bath that is about 718 square feet with a partially finished basement. One bedroom is obviously used as our bedroom, so I wanted the second bedroom to appear to have multiple uses.  We call it our changing room.  I think den is the proper term and it sounds way more elegant than the room where we store our clothes and take our cloths off and then put them on again.  We built a built-in desk that also serves as our TV console.  We added shelves, that were drawers in a previous life that we bought for nothing at the Re-building Center.

568 N Buffalo St - Portland - 19

I am very obsessed with Target’s new fall style, so I wanted to incorporate that rustic yet cozy feel into this space.



Our master bedroom has long been the thorn in my side.  It’s small, so no matter what you do, you will hit your shin on the bed.  A while back I found a Pendleton baby blanket for basically nothing at a thrift store that I turned into curtains.  It is my favorite part about the room, but also very hard to style around! Since the primary colors in the curtains are so dominant and the wall color so dark, I wanted to make sure that the bed was very simple.  I shopped Urban Outfitters for the bedspread.  (I love it so much, I may not take it back!)

568 N Buffalo St - Portland - 15



And then there is that cute little kitchen.  I was really inspired by Justina Blakeney’s kitchen, so I incorporated the wonderful green into the spray painted chandelier and the Ikea curtains.  We built that dining room table from two items we had laying around; an old secretary desk and old stump in our backyard.

568 N Buffalo St - Portland - 13

I had the most fun styling our partially finished basement room.  Mainly because I’ve always wanted it to be a functional space and not the space where we store random things.  So I turned into my dream ladies cave.  I love it!

568 N Buffalo St - Portland - 22

I put in so much energy into the styling, because I wanted someone to fall in love and say yes! After 48 hours, our little home received 10 offers.  Many people wanted to accept our proposal. The nerves were gone and now we feel like we want to be polygamists and say yes to all of the nice families that placed an offer and wrote us letters. (YES! that is another thing about Portland’s market.  People attach personal letters to their formal offers).

However the details of that emotional process is best to be saved for the next blog post!

So stay tuned…