Some Bathroom Inspo

Hello and happy Christmas Eve Eve!  I have been sick with the flu for the past two days and it’s totally been cramping my Christmas style.  I had envisioned this week looking so dang Christmasy– me sipping cider in my PJs whilst making cookies and listening to RUN D.M.C. Christmas carols–but instead, this week as entailed sleep, feeling freezing, and 41 episodes of Friends.  The one benefit of this unintentional downtime is a moment to work a bit on a personal project:our master bathroom.


Our kitchen is still at 98% done, so we are not quite ready to move onto another project.  However, it is my job to make sure that the inspiration keeps flowing so that we have a sound plan before we start.  Luckily, unlike our kitchen gut job, we don’t need to make any structural changes to either of the bathrooms, just cosmetic changes.

I’m not quite sure how it started, but somehow along the way hummingbirds sorta became me and my husband’s spirit animal. We have many hummingbird stories, and I will not bore you with those right now, but needless to say, they are the starting point for our inspiration for our master bathroom project.  This painting, by Alan Roth Studios, that I found on Pinterest is the inspiration for our color palette. While we first were thinking about some forestry wallpaper in the bathroom, we are now leaning towards painting a hummingbird mural instead.

Jake (the husband) and I have both been pinning a lot of bathroom photos lately to get more inspiration on the overall vibe of the bathroom.  Our interior styles really match up well together, as we both lean towards an eclectic, rustic and homey vibe.  However, we want our bathrooms to kinda be a but more modern and sleek, with just a touch of rustic.

This first photo from Studio DB is such an inspiration for me.  You must check out their portfolio, it is just amazing.  Great work people! I am really loving this two toned floor trend, like A LOT.

My favorite part about styling a home is mixing things up. It is my belief that a rich life is a collage and our homes are a reflection of life’s richness. We find meaning in a mixture of relationships, experiences and places.  We are attracted to nature, not because it is all of the same thing, but because we find different colors and species all co-existing together to make a better whole.  When I take on a project, my goal is to try to find a way to make a space sing by bringing together elements you might not otherwise think would coexist.  If that means mixing textures, or placing a vintage kilim pillow on a lucite chair, or wood with tile, then I am all over that!

So you can only imagine why this trend is making me stay up at night while I have the flu.  The other aspect about this bathroom that I love, is that it is clean, simple and refined.  Now I know they cleaned it for the shoot, but the use of straight lines, white, and the art piece juxtaposed with the fixture just makes it feel so clean and “unbathroom” like.  Since I’m not the most active house cleaner these days, I’d love a bathroom that makes you feel clean, even it’s not!

This next amazing bathroom comes to us from Homes to Love Australia. Wow.  This design has done a great job of keeping it classy and crisp with the black and white combination, while putting in a punch of rustic. We are also talking about doing a tile wall or walls, and I love how it’s done here.  That reclaimed work bench is the perfect interesting and functional detail for the space.  It says, I’ve got edge, but I’m still going to get you home by 11pm. And that floor! I can write a novel about the reasons that I love ceramic tile.  I think we will use that in our guest bath.

And then there is the bohemian and macrame goddess of not just Portland, but the world, Emily Katz’s gorgeous bathroom.  One idea we have for adding greenery to the design is by installing a few wall niches between the studs and filling them with plants so we can create a contrast between the subway tile wall with a plant wall that perhaps has an abstract painting of a hummingbird on it? What do you think? Are we crazy? Or are we on to creating an amazing bathroom?

Well there you have it. Nothing says Merry Christmas like bathroom projects! Have a Merry and Happy Holiday season!

Happy Decorating, Emmy