What is Social Impact Design and Decor?

Drawing on my over 10 years of experience working in the non-profit sector I combine a unique values based approach to interior design.  While most of us would probably love to be able to purchase all of our clothing, and home decor fair trade or from local artist and craftspeople, the average middle class family unfortunately does not have the budget for a home curated 100% with locally made and ethically produced goods. If we can’t shop with our conscience 100% of time, what is the percentage that we can? What is it that your budget will allow you to purchase fair trade or outside of the big box store?


Maybe for some that means a coffee table made by a local carpenter with reclaimed wood, and a rug and sofa from a big box store.  Or perhaps it means sourcing all of the items for your home second hand. Working with me you will not only walk away with a home that you love, but a greater sense of your values and how they influence your consumer behavior.


While the design process usually starts by asking clients what their style is, or how they want to feel in a space, I start by first asking, “What are your values?”  Once we have resolved how you want to spend your money, we move to defining your style, the room’s function, and what you want to feel when you walk into the space.DSC_0506

I’m dedicated to bringing you amazing ethically produced products from around the world. Weather on a mountain peak in the Andes designing textiles, or working to preserve artisan traditions with women in India, I want to bring you products that reflect the true beauty in the world. Check out my online boutique where you can shop my fair trade textile line and other ethically sourced products for your home.