New Year Refresh!


There are many people out that that seem to despise New Year’s Resolutions.  I am NOT one of those people.  In all actuality, I would have to say that New Year’s is probably my favorite holiday.  I get this awesome feeling nearing December 30th.  It’s like every year we get a re-do. It’s a built in auto refresh.  It’s a time for reflection and a time for placing our best intentions and hopes towards the New Year.


Each year, I dedicate time to both reflect on the past year and write down my goals, or resolutions for the New Year.  I decide what the thing is that I will try leave behind and what are the things that I want to add to my life.

This year, I thought I would share them with you–so you can help me stick to them!


This past year was just bonkers.  I feel like people always say that about EVERY year, but really, this past year was the most stressful year I have ever personally lived. (I realize that the list of stress I’m about to write about is a total “white people” problem list.  I feel a bit ashamed exclaiming to the world how stressful my life has been, because through it all, I know I’m lucky to have these problems.)


This past year involved; selling a house, searching for a new house on a tight time-frame, moving into a new house, renovating the new house, living without a kitchen for 6 months, quitting my career, starting to work for myself full-time, more struggles and sadness on our infertility journey, DONALD TRUMP, and a few other random/traumatic events stuff sprinkled in there.


The best way for me to explain the stress I endured this past year, is that I am a shitty friend to myself.  I know I am hard on myself, but this past year, I really saw it in a whole new light.  While all of the changes and disappointments mentioned above are for sure stressful, it was the extra pressure of how I “should” be handling things or how I “should” be feeling that really wore me down to a little nub of a human.  I place a really high bar for myself, and when I don’t achieve it, I get soooooo freaking down on myself.


What am I going to work on leaving behind in 2016? “Shoulding” all over myself.

I am working on befriending myself and when I notice my brain listing all of the things I SHOULD be doing, I cut it in half.  I created a new mantra for myself, it’s kinda silly, but it has work for me these past few weeks.  It’s, “being human is hard and imperfection takes courage.”  When I feel that self pressure building up, I just shrug and tell myself, “It’s hard being human, you’re off the hook”.

Major mediation nook inspo.



A spirit of kindness towards myself. I’m not going to even try to get up early in the morning this year. I am not going to get 30 minutes of exercise everyday.  I am not going to read more.  I am not going to stop watching trashy TV. I’m going to drink more coffee and wine. I’m an imperfect human. This year, I really want to celebrate that.


A spirit of kindness towards others. This election season brought up a lot of different feelings for me, and while I won’t go into that right now, I will say it is forcing me to be more empathetic and less reactionary. It is making me want to be more spiritual, to pray, and try to make the corner of my community smile a bit more.

I bought myself a meditation cushion for Christmas and I’ve started the design on a mediation corner in my (almost complete!) studio. I have started meditating each morning for at least 5 minutes. It has helped me clear the negative white noise and find a receptacle to place my love and hope for the world.  It is a practice I intend to carry-on throughout the year.


Be a more conscientious consumer. I’m building a brand on based on socially conscience choices for home decor and renovation.  While on one hand I practice what I preach with my home on the other hand I totally don’t with my wardrobe choices.  This year I have decided that I will buy all of my clothing second hand or from made in USA brands.  The only exceptions to this rule are, underwear, leggings, and shoes.  I’m going to start a blog series called “My TEXTstlye” where I show you all of my fabulous thrift store clothes.


All in all, I’m feeling really positive about this coming year and ready for the challenges it will undoubtedly throw our way. With your help, I’m ready to design a positive place for myself and our community.  What about you? Do have any new goals or resolutions for the new year?