Inspiration from Chicago

This past weekend I had the amazing opportunity to check three things off of my 2017 goal list: 1) Attend a Design Conference 2) Visit a new US city 3) Take a BFF trip with my BFF.  When I realized that this year was coming to a quick close (yikes! that was fast!), and that I had zero goals checked off, I knew I had some quick planning to do!


It all worked out quite effortlessly.  I was able to attend one day of Design Chicago, explore a new  and lovely city and luckily enough Lara was able to join! And that’s how I completed this holy trinity of goal achievement. (thanks Adam and Ruben for letting me have her for the weekend!)

Ashley Woodson Bailey Design

I want to share with you most memorable session that I attended, titled “Fine Arts and Textile Design”.  I was introduced to two new artists/textile designers and hear about how they have created a name for themselves in the textile world by translating their art into print for wallpaper and fabric.


Ashley Woodson Bailey came to design from the floral industry.  She was a florist by trade.  After a horrible car accident that left her bed ridden, she began photographing the flowers that people were bringing her.  She describes herself as a “self-taught photographer”. And boy did she have a great teacher in herself.    What started as an artful passion is now her full-time job.  She photographs flowers and prints her floral goodness on fabric, walls and even leathers.  And OMG the leathers are amazing.  I’m envisioning myself walking down the street in floral leather pants–and liking it.

Next up we have Lindsay Cowles.  Lindsay got her start in the fashion industry and is a trained artist with a history major.  She has the most amazing abstract eye.  She paints and then translates those desings to wall-coverings and fabric. Look at how lovely these are.  When I was looking at her wallpaper sample book I wanted to simply frame each 8×8 square because it’s artful beauty was so captivating even on that small scale.

Lindsay Cowels Designs

Inside my fantasy land I’d totally combine the collections of these two phenomenal artists and business women and create a lux retreat for myself that exudes color, pattern and texture.

Speaking of fantasy, Lindsay has definitely turned me on to wallpapering ceilings. I mean, look at that black and white ceiling below. It’s simply delicious.


And wow, who needs a mirror in their bathroom when you can look at this artful wallpaper instead?


All in all, Chicago was a very inspiring trip.  If you’re looking for more eye candy in the textile and fine arts arena, check-out Bradley USA where these fine women sell their art.