For the past month I have been doing a lot of work “on” my business.  One of the changes that I have made, are design packages.  It is like creating your own pizza, you can now easily hire for me for small projects or big projects, or pick and choose what services you want and need. Yum.

I thought I would share a recent project from my most popular design package, the Do-it-Mostly-Yourself package, so you all can see an awesome visual of what it is that you get with this package.


I start all of my projects with a client questionnaire.  Before I meet client’s in person, and especially before I meet their space, I want to know a little background.  The key piece for me is figuring out a client’s budget–and their values.  How do you want to spend your money?

This is a project that I did for Annette, who is daydreaming about turning an attic space into a special lady den. She has a budget of $2000.00 and was really hoping to be able to buy a bulk of the items she would need from Craigslist or Thrift stores.  She said she had time and some skill to do DIY projects; like adding new hardware to a dresser or painting an end table.


Values Map

Annette is really attracted to colorful layers of texture and more streamlined furniture.  We decided to call her style, Mid-Century Bohemian.  We collected a few key images that she loved, not only to provide the initial inspiration for the project, but also to see the trends in the photos that she keeps pinning to her Pinterest boards.


After digging into her style, inspiration and how she wants to feel in her special lady den, I came up with two different storyboards for Annette.  The client has an amazing sofa that resembles the one below, a few pieces of beautifully framed Otomi embroidery, and some fun thrifted accessories.


The first vision for the space I came up with is a more colorful and playful vision.  I recommended that she buy a new rug, fair trade accessories, handmade or fair trade throw pillows, a coffee table from big box store, her favorite sconces from Schoolhouse, and a credenza from a thrift store or craigslist.

Story Board 1

Annette was really attracted to the bright pops of color in this first storyboard.  She wasn’t too crazy about the idea of using a desk as a credenza, because she didn’t want to be reminded of work in her lady den.  It’s a no work, play only zone!  She was also not too keene on the idea of baskets, because she thought she would just end up plopping things in them and then forget where they are (which is such a brilliant thing to know about yourself, because I am always loosing small random items to the millions of baskets I have strewn about my house).

Story Board 2

The second storyboard is less playful and bit more relaxing– bringing in cool blues and soft grays.  Annette really liked the pouf, coffee table and idea of “upcyling” and old mid-century credenza.  However, she was much more enamored with the colorful palette in the first storyboard.

So we edited it down and decided on the final vision for her attic space.  Just when you think that you can’t create your dream lady den for $2000, think again!  Annette has this plan, along with the links to the products and is now implementing this plan at her leisure.


Do you have a design dilemma that is needing some fresh vision? Please check out my design packages, and let’s talk!