Decorating with good “Juju”

This month I have noticed my urge to “nest” increase.  I think it’s the natural change in the seasons that heightens my primal need to hibernate along with the change in the political climate that is causing me to seek refuge.


I’ve been more intentional than usual with the decor choices that I’ve been highlighting in my home.  I want to really curate a safe, comfortable and hope inspired home.  A home that is bringing in the good juju of the world!


If you are feeling the same that I am, here is a way to increase your juju game.


For starters, what is “juju”?  Juju or ju-ju is a spiritual belief system incorporating objects and spells into religious ceremonies mainly found in West African communities.   This is where the common nomenclature of good “juju” as good luck originates.  I think that all of the decor we choose for our home should somehow reflect who we are or how we want to feel.  I think a well lived home is the alter of our life.  It tells our story.  It reflects our hopes and dreams.  

One of my favorite decor trends as of late, is the Juju hat.  Now I haven’t exactly been able to find a connection between the Juju hat and the JuJu religious practices, nonetheless, these feathered Camaroonian ceremonial headdresses (also known as tyns) are in the very least stunning.  They symbolize prosperity and divinity. The birds whose feathers are used to create this elaborate headdress are sacred to the Bamileke because their power of flight allows them to soar to the heavens. What beautiful symbolism!

They offer a colorful texture that just cannot beat.  Similar to textiles, these babies take days to complete, as each feather is hand sewn into the base.  They are true works of art.  As with a traditional piece of framed art, these Juju hats can be hung just about anywhere and offer an unbeatable focal point in a room.


My favorite ways to decorate with Juju hats:

Above a dresser or credenza.  I love how the subtle pinks all play together without being too “barbie” and the Juju hat gives it that global flair. Source: Society 6

Hiding a TV. Now this is just a brilliant idea.  Through the years we’ve all seen designs that try to hide the big black box, but this one is by far my favorite.  It turns the TV into an art piece. Source: My Scandinavian Home

Above your bed. I think this photo was on of the most popular design photos on Instagram in 2016.  And with good reason! The place right above the bed is often a hard place to choose art for.  If you’re living in an earthquake zone you don’t want something too big up there, but leaving it bare is just a crime.  The juju hat will bring you that design element without chopping your head off if/when the earth shakes. Source: Decor8blog

A collage.  More is more. Hanging multiple fun things you have on a wall is always a good idea.  And with Juju hats there is no exception. Gosh I love this photo. The texture is amazing.  Without the texture in the Juju hat, I’m not sure you would notice how lovely the awesome colored texture in the coffee table. It makes the sofa look that much more soft and inviting. Source: Greige Design


Just remember, if life seems out of control and our political climate is bumming you out, you can always change your immediate physical environment to bring in good juju. It’s the small yet large aspect of our life that we do have control over.

What do you think of the Juju hat? If you’re interested in purchasing a Juju hat, you can check these links below! If you end up going the DIY route and making one, please share a photo of it with me!

Fair Trade Juju hats St. Frank

Made to order Juju hats Kronbali JuJu

Make one yourself with this tutorial! Vintage Farm Furniture