Boho Eclectic Family Room Pt. 1

I have another exciting project that I’m so excited to share with you.  I feel so proud with how this project turned out and I’m waiting on pins and needles for the final shots to be sent to me from my photographer. 


Enter the Foust family; the nicest (and most patient!) family west of the Mississippi.  Jen is a self-employed creative and is rocking her graphic design business and her husband Ken works for Intel.  They have two daughters and two dogs–one being the cutest and most well behaved puppy in the world.


Jen reached out to me looking for help with her family room.  The family room is right off of the kitchen so naturally the family is spending all of their time in this room.


They both said they wanted the room to feel lighter and more welcoming.  They also really wanted to see their mantel go far, far, away.  While it was in good shape, it was the completely wrong scale for the space.


Their main needs were; a new couch, (they are ready to get rid of the Ikea sectional), a new recliner or lounge chair for Ken and a cozy set of chairs for the girls.  In addition, they wanted new window treatments, a fresh coat of paint and if it worked in the budget– hardwood flooring to match what’s in the rest of the house.


As far as design conceptualization goes, Jen and Ken had a pretty strong idea of what they liked and didn’t like.  They said that their aesthetic is really Rustic Modern, with little slices of the bohemian.


Here are a few of the inspirational images that we pulled together for the space.

In this first photo, they really liked the navy couch and the idea of a gallery wall behind their sofa.  The wood tones bring in such a lovely warmth and the the pillows offer a cozy vibe.

The most inspiring part of this room was the mantel alongside the white painted brick.  They also really loved the look of a round coffee table.

The element that was so attractive to Jen about this photo was the asymmetry.  They both really liked the idea of gutting their fireplace and add asymmetrical architectural details on either side of the fireplace.  Instead of having two identical built-ins or benches, which is the common design, they wanted the elements to be different.


They really loved the blue in the rug mixed with the black tones.  I couldn’t agree more.  I’m such a fan of black and blue.  I think they are the forgotten pair of the design world.

Jen and Ken knew that they really wanted to bring in rustic wood elements, but at the same time brighten the space up.  Because adding windows was not possible from a construction and architectural standpoint, we had to find a way to play-up the natural light that we already had.

So, instead of creating an all wood feature wall, or using wood furniture, I suggested to do white ship-lap feature wall with rustic wood shelving and a rustic mantel.  Here are pieces of the initial design concept that I presented to them.



  Of these three, there was one that really jumped out to Jen and she said was “the one”. Which one do you think it was? Well….you’ll have to wait for the full reveal to find out!


Photo Credit: Photo 1 // Photo 2 // Photo 3 // Photo 4