Boho Eclectic Family Room Reveal

Last week I shared with you the first part of Jen and Ken’s family room project.  You can get caught up on this project over here. 


To refresh your memory, this is what their family room looked like a few months ago.  I was tasked with making this a boho eclectic family room that the whole family would enjoy.

During our design planning we decided on this final concept.

As you can see from the concept board, we really wanted to lighten the room up and bring in lots of charm and character.  The biggest transformation came with the new paint and the faux shiplap feature wall–it completely lit the space up.  I can’t stress enough how key lighting is.  We originally wanted to flank the TV with two picture windows to bring in more light, but really it wasn’t necessary.  The right color palette, lighting and window treatments can brighten up your space in a flash.

I think the second biggest transformation came with the elimination of the old fireplace.  Yes, it was lovely.  Yes it was solid wood.  However, when something is off scale in a space, it can really throw the room off forever. This new fireplace is the perfect scale for the room and it is the most amazing focal point for the room.

We had originally chosen a light gray chair instead of the lounger, but after a huge fiasco with Joybird furniture we decided to move in a new direction.  I think sometimes the universe tries really hard to tell us something isn’t meant to be–even in our family room.  This lounger is not only SUPER comfortable, but the black and the rustic wood give the room a splash of elegance.

The little corner below might be my favorite part of the design.  We built the bench into the fireplace surround so that it offers a seamless look.  And those prints!  This digital age has given us so much more exposure to amazing artists and photographers.  I bought these guys from Jenny’s Print Shop and I just love how they turned out. You should check her out, she is constantly adding new prints to the collection and she has a great eye for bold color and graphically pleasing photography.

This shot doesn’t do that blue pine justice! We were able to get our hands on some amazing blue pine from Salvage Works.

I must admit my total ignorance here.  Before this project, I thought blue pine was a type of pine.  Let me let you in on a secret, it’s not! Those grey striations and notches you see in the mantel are made from a beetle! So really, blue pine is actually a diseased tree and it’s so beautiful.  Now that I know that, it actually makes me love blue pine even more.  It’s wabi-sabi love in all of it’s imperfect glory.  Her disease makes her more beautiful.

Now, let’s take a moment and talk about that tile! We have here two different types of handmade tile.  The subway tile is handmade and hand painted from Spain, while the cement tile is from the Dominican Republic.  I love seeing the combination of the two of these together.  I’m also so in love with the look of the hand painted tile.  I mean, C’mon! It is sleek but also a little old world.  I love a good juxtaposition.



There you have it folks! The full-on before and after of this sweet family room. What do you think about Jen and Ken’s new family room? What is your favorite part?