a Kitchen for a Goddess. . .

IMG_6845This past week I have been gleefully immersed in thoughts of rustic butcher block countertops, shimmering pendant lighting and eye catching cement tiles.  I have my first official kitchen design project on my hands and WOW.  I love this.  I am quickly discovering that one of the occupational hazards of interior design is that I don’t want to live, cook, or play in my own home.  My clients homes’ seem far more interesting and fun!

My new kitchen clients are basically two magnificent Chiapan Goddesses.  Meet Valentina Orantes and her mother. Valentina reigns in Portland, Oregon with her husband and two little boys and her mother reigns in Chiapas, Mexico.  Valentina used to work at Hacienda CDC on my team, but has since left to start her her own life coaching business.  She is doing some pretty amazing work and I urge you to check her out!  I luckily still get to collaborate with her on some fun trainings she is offering to our Portland Mercado clients. 🙂


Besides being just all around awesome, as goddesses usually are, these two women are savvy and are investing in Portland real estate.  This is where I enter the story, their new investment home in SE Portland needs a new kitchen!

Valentina said her number one priority is that the design is durable and will be able to take the wear a tear of renters.  Besides durability, she wants a design that is light, open, and classic. She says her favorite color schemes are white on grey combos.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the inspirational photos for Valentina’s kitchen.



Nothing says classic to me like the good ‘ol black, white and brass combo.  When black and white meet rustic wood finish, wow, it is just so sexy!  Normally sexy and durability are not in the same sentence; (unless you’re talking about a leather mini skirt) however this photo proves that kitchens can be both durable and sexy.  The butcher block counter and subway tile are the perfect sexy durable marriage–the mini skirt of kitchens if you will.


This design really speaks to Valentina’s love for the grey and white combo. The classiness really shines through with the traditional cupboards and the brass finished.  I don’t care how trendy farm sinks are, I will always love them.  The are big enough to wash a baby and/or pile a week’s worth of dishes.  Done.  Perfect sink design ever.

justina's kitchen

This final design is somewhat deviating from Valentina’s ideas of grey, white and classiness.  I just couldn’t help myself though.  This is the kitchen of another goddess that I admire lots, Justin Blakeney.  This kitchen has all of those clean, sleek and open elements but the tile really adds that exciting pop of personality.  Valentina and her mother are from one of the most colorful and vibrant places in the world. I know that this kitchen design isn’t for Valentina, it’s for her future tenants, but it just seems that every place these women grace MUST have a punch of that Mexican vibrancy!

I will be reviewing these preliminary ideas with Valentina later this week. I will keep you posted on what direction we take with the kitchen! Which one do you like the best?

  1. Photo Credit Calvin Smith
  2.  via Live Simply by Annie
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  4.  via The Jungalow by Danae Horst