3 Facts You Should Know About Style



The most common complaint that I hear from my clients is, “I know my style, but I don’t know how to pull it together.”  I follow that statement up with, “Well how do you define your style?” Most people respond to that question with a list of stores they like, which is a great starting point, however human beings are much more exciting and compelling than a perfectly curated window display.

People have knee jerk reactions to the word style.  They think of a runway, expensive clothing lines or $5,000 chairs.  They are turned off by the word style, because they think, “Oh, well, I just don’t have any style.”  We all have style.  We just need help digging in to what it means for us and how to express it.

1. Interior Style is the outward expression of your life experience 

Think of it as a biography.  Jot down the first 5 most memorable experiences of your life.  Next jot down the first 5 things you think of when you envision your future.  And finally, write down the adjectives that people use to describe you (you can phone a friend for this one.)

Let’s say you used to spend summers with your grandparents and they had the most amazing plaid blanket in the room where you slept.  Or maybe you and your partner or friend had a memorable trip to France.  Use these experiences as the launching point for styling your home.


Perhaps you clad the walls of your mudroom with a plaid wallpaper reminiscent of your grandparents.  Or, even better, you start collecting French provincial enamelware for your kitchen. Whatever it may be, your life is your best friend when it comes to styling your home.


2. Interior Style is curating a museum of YOU 

Fear not, mixing styles is OKAY.  Perhaps you have a roommate, partner, spouse? Perhaps you have a loud and colorful personality, but prefer your interiors to be low-key.  We have so many elements that define us and it’s ok to express them together in our home. It’s okay to mix old with new, clean lines with curvy details.  That’s where the exciting part begins.


If you want to mix styles, but fear your place will look too cluttered with so much going on, just be sure to keep a consistent color palette throughout the room (or space).  Choose three colors and play with them all day long.  In this example you have a little bohemian style with the backsplash tile, very mid-century dining chairs, a rustic table and light fixture and a very white and clean floor.  It’s harmony because they black, white and warm wood all play in concert together.

3. Interior Style changes, it’s not stagnate

We change like crazy.  It’s impossible to know we will have lovey feelings towards something forever.  I had major anxiety over the paint color for our kitchen cabinets.  I wanted to choose something that I would LOVE forever and always look at with such admiration.  That my friends, is impossible.  It’s like marriage.  I love my husband to bits and pieces.  Do we look at each other with admiration every moment of the day.  Uh. No. But man, do I love him.

For our kitchen, we chose a blue/green color for our lower cabinets and somedays I love it.  Somedays I wish it were more green than blue.  Other days I don’t think about it because I’m grateful to have a kitchen that I love being in.

Give yourself permission to change out decor as your mood changes or as the seasons pass.  I keep a trunk full of accent pillows, vases, old books and other fun knick knacks in what I call my “treasure trove”.  Right now my shelves are bare because the world feels too chaotic for “things”, but when that changes, I’ll dress those shelves up again with my treasures.


There you have it! An interior decorator told you to do some soul searching and gave you permission to mix it up, shop for knick knacks and live out loud.  Have fun and be sure to show me what you coming up with!


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Creatively, Emilia